Motivating Your Employees to Increase Productivity

By Jo Dakin – Director of Recruitment – Hanna Castle Recruitment Solutions

Management is a difficult task at best. You are responsible not only for what you do and do not do, but for what your team does and does not accomplish. Wouldn’t it be great if every member of your team were fully engaged in the tasks at hand? Sadly, that’s typically not the case for most teams. There are several workers who seem totally into their job and are fully motivated to make things happen for the project and for the company. Then there are others. . . They simply are not feeling the connection to the company or the team…the disengaged.

In every company or on every team we see one or two people who are not fully engaged in their job. How can you as the person responsible for their output and productivity, motivate them to greater achievements? Motivating others sometimes means finding a little motivation of your own. It means taking a long look at the situation and finding where they are falling down– and sometimes, where you are falling down too. Motivating others to greater productivity and greater achievements can mean examining not only their methods but your own. Some people are just inherently part of the team and they feel a connection with you and the others with whom they work. Some people simply do not feel that connection. It may be that by looking at the reasons honestly, you can determine whether you may, even inadvertently, be feeding into that disconnect in some way. How well do you really know the employee in question? In order to know what motivates someone, it’s necessary to know a little about them. Get to know them a little better and you may find that it’s easier to see what’s standing between them and success. A few things that you can consider and look for are these: How clearly were the directions and the goals of the project laid out? Is what they are doing and how it was to be done clearly explained? Did you or someone else make it clear what was expected and the timeline in which it was to be achieved? If you’re not entirely sure what the goals or how long you have to achieve them, it can be a concern that will sometimes cause complete inaction. Is there something about the job or the team that they find frustrating or that is holding them back? Can you remove that obstacle or help them to remove it? In some cases, despite their best efforts, two members of your staff are not going to be the best of friends. Pairing them on a project may not be the best way to get the job done. Are you somewhat heavy handed or is the team leader, when it comes to leading the project? If so, that may also be a part of the problem. According to those in the know, rewarding achievements may be preferable to punishing failures. Finding small ways to reward your employees for good progress may be the motivation that they need. Finding the right method to motivate your employees may take some changes on their part and some adjustment on your own. If the result is that you’re all more comfortable at work and productivity and engagement increases, if you can find that connection, you’ve gained something of inestimable value. Want more Guidelines on Interviewing or What is Trending in the Food Industry visit our website

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