How to Build an Effective Team

Written by Jo Dakin

Can a business realize success without its employees interacting effectively as a team? No, a company will never make it if the employees are at odds with each other. Therefore, it is crucial that companies build effective teams of highly motivated individuals that work together smoothly on a daily basis to bring about success. How does management accomplish this task?

  1. Selecting the right people to be on the team is crucial. When management is interviewing job candidates, it needs to discover during this process, whether they are team players. Management can weed out problem personnel right from the start in this manner. Questioning the job candidate if he plays well with others and understands the importance of teamwork is an effective way to accomplish this. His answer will say it all.
  1. The company should acknowledge that every team member’s role is important to the success of the company no matter how minor or major that role may be within the team or company. Management will empower the team to forge onward to greatness when it provides this acknowledgement. On top of this, management needs to define the duties of each team member clearly, so that all the members understand their individual responsibilities.
  1. Management should always encourage members of the team to voice their ideas, opinions and suggestions on present special projects and daily operations. The team could have the answers to certain problems management discovers on a regular basis. Feedback from the team often can lead to operations running more smoothly and swiftly.
  1. Management needs an open-door policy to keep communication flowing freely. Team members need to feel that they can approach management whenever necessary to keep a task or project running smoothly, or if they have an issue with another team member that they cannot resolve on their own. A weekly meeting with team members also is an easy way to encourage effective communication.
  1. Building an effective team also involves management setting clear and precise goals for the team to meet. Goals such as these could be deadlines on projects or daily targets to reach just for a couple of examples. The team works more efficiently with such goals.

A company that builds a team in the above fashion increases its possibility for success. Develop a winning team at your company today to enhance your productivity!

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