You’re Hired! How to Retain Your Top Talent.

Written by Jo Dankin

The time and investment you put into hiring top talent shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once you’ve hired these professionals, you need to keep them on your payroll. Unfortunately, most companies stop their efforts once the person begins their job. The truth about keeping top talent is that you need to keep them satisfied and invested in their position.

Most companies use salary, vacation time, retirement and insurance to keep people on their payroll. But there are other things you should be doing to help retain your top talent.

Let the Individual Feel Like an Asset

Employees often feel like they get lost in a sea of people. With thousands of people working together in an office, it can be difficult for a person to stand out. Taking the time to make sure everyone stands out will do wonders for office morale. Address them by name. Get their input on their job and changes that impact it. The more you listen, the longer they will stay around.

Don’t Hinder Their Learning Potential

Most people gain the understanding they need to go through the motions of their job in just a few months. Once an employee has peaked, there is a good chance they’ll become bored with the position they are in. It is beneficial to create a situation that helps them to continue to keep them invested. Offer opportunities to continue their education and increase responsibilities when you are able to. You’ll find this keeps top talent with your company and away from the competition.

Reward Good Work

Sure, you can give a bonus payment from time to time to keep your top talent interested in their position. You can also get the same reaction by acknowledging the work they do. Tell them that they did an incredible job on a project. Notice when they go the extra mile and get a project done on time. Before you know it, they will begin to feel loyalty to the company and this will keep them with you longer.

Once you have found the perfect employee do what you can to keep them. The more time you spend investing in their knowledge and showing them they matter, the more likely it is that they’ll stay with your company.

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