How To Attract Top Talent When You Are Not a Fortune 500 Company

Written by Jo Dakin

Finding candidates to fill a position isn’t tough in our current economy. However, getting the best talent is difficult if your company isn’t a Fortune 500 company. Smaller companies are struggling to attract and retain top talent to fill critical positions. While some business owners are settling, you do have alternative options.

The truth is top talent is attracted to small businesses to a degree. But you do need to be realistic about your expectations. Some professionals still want the safety net that comes with working for these major corporations. But there are others who dream of a hands on position that covers more than a single focused piece of a department.

Get Your Staff On Board

When swaying top talent, you need to have people talking your company up. There’s a good chance your staff has experience with other professionals in the industry. Have them talk to the people they know. When people love their job and communicate what they do with others, it can become infectious. You just might find you have an edge over some top talent.

Promote a Learning Experience

Comps and perks are fine in a corporate environment. But small businesses can give top talent a chance to experience new things and grow. Fortune 500 companies have people who handle a small portion of things. They are a well oiled machine. The problem is you don’t get the experience that comes with handling other areas also.

Well selling your position to top talent, give them the chance to expand on their knowledge and grow. Some top talent will even come in for a specific amount of time as a head of department as it gives them time in a title which will aid their resume. Agree to hire them on, in exchange for a specific period of service. In most cases, you can sway them to remain on board past this timeframe.

The Ability to Grow Your Company

Top talent tends to look at companies that are ready to take off and make an impact. If your company has the potential for powerful growth, let them know. Give them some insight into how you plan to expand and mention they can become part of this growth. Helping a company to grow and expand looks incredible on a resume. In fact, there is top tier talent that actively seeks out companies and works closely with companies to grow them.

Give Them Some Honesty

Being realistic about what you can and cannot do for an individual is important. While you might not be able to pay a person six figures, let them know what you can do for them. Can you let them head a department and put them in charge of high profile items? If they hit certain thresholds can you give them a bonus? Being honest about what you can do and offering top talent options that will pay off down the road can be enough to entice them to join your company.

Is it possible to attract top talent to your business when you aren’t a Fortune 500 company? It is. You just need to present the possibility of a better future, the potential for learning and a positive work environment to get them to join your team. Once they are there, give them a reason to stay.

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